Police Released Revealing Photos of Justin Bieber

The Miami Police released revealing pictures of International singer “Justin Bieber” quickly after his captivity. Actually, he was arrested on 23rd January for driving a vehicle under the influence on  Miami Beach. And, he was drunk when he got arrested, says a senior police official.

The revealing pictures show different parts of Bieber’s body. His tattoos and praying quotes inscribed on his body have also been shot in the camera.  On the other hand, a lawyer of Justin Bieber said that “Police has subjugated the rights of the pop singer and it was not good to reveal one’s revealing pictures”.

justinpsalmjustinjesusThere are many tattoos on his body and a picture of Jesus on his left leg, says an official.  Besides, the medical reports claimed that “Bieber was drunk and there was presence of alcoholic ingredients in the blood of Bieber”.

bieber05Last but not the least, he was released from the police custody for having below average alcoholic content (0.2) in the body and the recently released revealing pictures are more or less shocking for his fans.

justinromannumeralsA fan of Justin asked him on social media that ” Do you think placement of religious tattoos on your body make you religious person”?

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