Kerry Says Situation in Ukraine is better than Yesterday

Though Foreign ministers of the world could not make a deal yet John Kerry Secretary of United States says “we would solve the Ukraine issue through dialogue not through fight”.

After holding series of meetings with foreign ministers of United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia, John Kerry told to reporters that “we all have agreed to solve Ukraine issue amicably and through dialogue”.

Besides, John Kerry said that these meetings were more or less “Olive branch- the beginning of period of thaw” and they were undoubtedly constructive. Though, finding a quick solution of this issue is very difficult yet I consider today as better than yesterday.

On the other hand, the foreign minister of France Laurent Fabius said that “It was for the first time that something has moved with good pace and we are optimist for a constructive solution”. Besides, Russian foreign ministry said that “Kerry did not mention in his statements that we had reached over the solution of transition of power in Ukraine”.

Contrary to this, Ukraine officials said that “Russia has sent a big number of troops in the Crimean region and it was absolute violation of international law”. The Ukraine interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said CNN that “I am worried, what would happen if the diplomatic talks fail to reach to any solution”?  He further said, I have directly spoken to Russian Prime minister and put forward two opinions – political and military.

Besides, John Kerry said “It is up to Russia now whether it withdraws forces from the region and calls for international observers to monitor the region or not”. He further adds, the violation of Ukraine territorial integrity has united the whole world on this front and Russia knows the very well. Lastly, it was the first top notch meeting since the beginning of Crimea crisis and states are serious monitoring the Ukraine issue.


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