Russia Occupies Ukraine

Finally, Russia has occupied the Crimean region and deployed a big number of military men to monitor and control the crisis. But, it has not been made public that what military strength have Putin deployed in the region. The president of Russia Vladimir Putin dismissed all the warnings leveled from world leaders and escalated serious crisis in the whole region.

On the contrary, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev discharged the allegations and said that “Moscow has not decided yet when to deploy forces”. In addition, the Russian upper house (parliament) has approved the request of Putin for deployment of forces in the Ukraine and gave the green signal for military force to fullest extent.
Putin had informed the parliament that Russian people living in the Crimea region were being inhumanly treated and Russia should forward to protest the rights of its citizen. On the other hand, the Ukraine leaders denied the Russia blame of mistreating its people and said that it was being pampered to launch onslaught over the territory of Ukraine.

The invasion of Russia escalated more problems in the world politics. President Obama made a call to Russian president and spoke with him more than 90 minutes to know the gravity of the tension. It is said that Putin had categorically said to President Obama that it was Russian right to safeguard the rights of its citizen living in the Crimean region.

On the other hand, according to White House press release, President Obama said that “Russia’s continuous violation of territorial integrity and Ukraine Sovereignty would grossly affect its image at world level”. Besides, after the message of Obama to Russia, all the senior members of Army and senate asked for the prompt reply to the Russian move and said that Russian must be informed that what repercussions it will face for violating the sovereignty of Ukraine.


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