Weather Affects Car Sales

The automobile industry has been grossly affected by the weather. And, it is said in a report that the cars selling ratio in the last month had a big effect over the marketplace. On the other hand, the industry analysts declared “winter” the winner.

Sr. Analyst Jessica Caldwell said that weather lasts grave impacts over the car dealings and assumed that the sales in the coming month may also be affected to some extent. Needless to say that weather had badly affected the marketplace and forced people to stay in their homes. Unless it does not behave friendly, it would keep affecting the pace of progress, says

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On the basis of weather condition, has predicted the February cars sell at 1,201,445, up 18.9% which would surely be more pathetic from the previous month. The true car President said that “the unfriendly condition of weather is creating more troubles for us”. On the other hand, analyst are not optimist over Truecars and expecting the sale in February 1,197,000 units.

No doubt, the industry is facing a serious setback and the spending on incentives, as per Truecars, will go on hiking. But, March is supposed to be a good month for the car companies. It is assumed that it may help the dealers to recover from this weather loss.Lastly, the Truecars expects SAAR (Seasonally Adjusted Annualized Rate of sales) 15.4 million and has predicted it 15.5 million.


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