Stocks Surge as tensions in Ukraine Plummet

Stocks have got a great momentum after easing the tensions of possible military confrontation between Russian and Ukraine. No doubt, it was the big day for business runners and most of the companies climbed to a big growth.

It is said that “The standard and Poor has surged to 500 points beating its own record of 1,859 points of February 28”.  On the other hand, Dow Jones have secured 228 points and closed at 16,396 points. Nasdaq has also gained some hitting points after this stock surge.

Capital Economists said in a research note that “Fears of military confrontation have started fading and the business is returning back to its track”. No doubt, the fear of Ukraine and Russian war created troublesome situation for the whole world and Japanese yen, Oil, Gold, and treasury prices had fallen to greater extent.

Actually, the sudden surge took place after the forces withdrawal call of Putin. He was well aware that Russia would face serious economic setback however he called his troops not to launch attack in the Crimean region and ordered them to return to their bases immediately.  This was the good news for investors and the normalization of situation brought enough happiness over the faces of marketers.

Robert Sluymer the Capital market analyst said that “the long term U.S equity indexes remains unaffected and short term indexes got a serious setback”. Besides, to ease the financial challenges of Kiev, Secretary of United States John Kerry promised to offer $ 1 billion loan on Tuesday.

Last but not the least, the recent deal of Disney have also helped it to hit the record and closed at $82.17.

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