The best way to remove malware

Antivirus software is generally installed to protect computers from viruses but sometimes it creates more troubles than the virus itself. No doubt, if you are expert and well versed with the antivirus functioning, you may not need to run the malware abilities of your product but most of the time people are arrested with serious malware problems.

To help you out, AV Comparatives has recently conducted a test on 11 malware samples and released its results. The tests were carried on Torjon, ransomware, backdoors and worms. Each of these infections was instilled in the window 7 and rebooted the system. Afterwards, the updated version of antivirus was installed and put on run.

The scores of the test had been awarded on the basis of malware removing capability and execution of work. As per the results of this test, Kaspersky stood first in the test. It secured 98 points followed by Bitdefender that scored 97. The top third position was secured by Avira with the score of 92.

Technically speaking, not a single product had received full score on normal window running and could not complete infections removing process. Though, Kaspersky came closer but it was also demanding for rescue disk to remove the 11th infection. Besides, it has been observed in the test that “ransomeware” was very difficult to remove and all the products failed to wipe it out.


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