Dozens of Nigerians Killed by Inaccurate Aerial Attack

The fight against Islamists militants have led to many civilians of Nigeria to death. Recently, a military aircraft hovered over the village Daglun and mistakenly dropped series of 5 bombs that killed a big number of villagers. The senator of the region Ali Ndume said that a military aircraft was launching air strike against the Boko Haram extremist group in the Sambisa Forest but the aircraft mistakenly fired a series of bombs over the Daglun village.

Ndume confirmed that 5 people have been killed by this inaccurate attack and a big number of people left their burnt home to save their life. He said, the bombardment destroyed the whole infrastructure of the village and put the life of the downtrodden in the danger.

Besides, one of the 25 wounded villagers said that “when the military aircraft started hovering over us, the whole village was sleeping but within the short span of time it started dropping a series of bombs over us”. He further adds, the bombardment killed more than 20 people and most of the deceased were elderly men who could not be able to run out of their burnt home.

On the other hand, the Nigerian military denied the allegations and said that it had not killed any civilian in the strike.  This aerial strike has sparked violence across the Daglun region and Boko Haram extremist group has reacted with violence and mutiny of civilians.

The authorities are not clear how many people have been killed in this attack and what was the reason of inaccurate airstrike but the tensions in the vicinity of Daglun and Mainok are inviting more troubles for the civilians


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