US Airways plane blows tire on takeoff in Philadelphia, passengers evacuated

During the course of take off, a tire of US Airways Flight 1702 blew causing the nose of plane to hit the ground. On Thursday evening at Philadelphia’s airport, spokesman of the US Airways said that “The pilot of the plane decided to abort the take off as he indicated some serious problem in the tires of the plane”.

Actually, the flight was flying from Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale and the technical problem in the jet forced the authorities to abort the takeoff for evacuating the passengers.  Besides, Lloyd Ayers Fire Commissioner of Philadelphia said that “two women had been slightly injured during the course of evacuation and they have been shifted to city’s Methodist Hospital.

It goes without saying, Jim Peters the spokesman of Federal Aviation Administration said that “the flight was scheduled to take off at 5:50 p.m and the incident took place at around 6:25 p.m”.  On the other hand, a witness of this incident said that “I have seen the plane bouncing two times during the takeoff and it was really shocking”.

The flight was boarding 149 passengers and five crew members and all of them had been safely evacuated from the partially crashed plane. One of those passengers, Dennis fee said that “everyone was screaming out when plane failed to take off and it was really shocking scenario”.

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