Save All Around by Powering Your Computer Down

Keeping your computer at sleeping mode may be convenient for you but keeping it for more than 20 minutes may cause it more harm than good. Actually, sleeping mode is specially designed to keep your computer partially off. But, there are many chips inside the mother board that keep on functioning during the period of sleeping mode. Exactly, it does not only affect the performance of your computer but also affects its overall functionality.

Experts hold the opinion that each time you put your computer on sleeping mode causes you “500 volts” electricity bill in a year and it must not be taken so likely. They suggest that before going away from your computer must keep it fully shut down otherwise there are chances to get your computer heated and internally damaged.

Apart from this, it has been researched that “you can shut down your computer 15 to 20 times a day and this can be consistently done for more than 7 years”.

Lastly, it is highly recommended that do not keep your computer on standby or sleeping mode for more than 20 minutes and try to shut down whenever you go out of your home.


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