Going Brown? Drought-Resistant Lawns Becoming Popular During Dry Spell

California is firmly entrenched in a harsh drought, and lush green lawns might fall victim to the lack of rainfall, especially in Sacramento. Despite the fact that the city does not get much rain regularly, many yards are modeled after those that would be seen in England, where rain is the norm. But concerns over water shortages might be leading to changes in residents’ priorities.

With influence from local governments who are concerned about the water shortage, homeowners are showing a willingness to install drought-tolerant landscapes despite the fact that, as Hudson Sangree notes, “The capital’s turf tradition is deeply rooted and is even enshrined in the bylaws of various homeowners associations.”

“We’re on the cusp of change. It’s definitely here,” said, northern California president for The New Home Company Kevin Carson.

Thomas J. Mickey, author of America’s Romance with the English Garden, also adds that “In America, the lawn was linked to social class. It really took off when people had the money to move to the suburbs. Real estate agents would say, ‘Now you can have a lawn.'”

Interestingly enough, a nice lawn can add up to 15% to a home’s value, according to Gallup studies, so the idea of having a beautiful landscape comes from more than just wanting a place to relax. But since lawns are so desirable, it can be a challenge to convince homeowners to switch to designs that are more sustainable in a dry climate.

A major unknown for the future is whether or not homeowners will be willing to buy places that don’t have lawns. Carson says that the challenge lies in convincing potential buyers of the advantages to new types of landscaping and hoping that public preferences change as water conservation becomes paramount.

“Consumers’ tastes do have to change, but we have to give them some different opportunities,” he said.

Interestingly enough, some companies are actually seeing a boost in business during the drought. Paul C. Woltze has run his own landscaping business for more than 40 years, and expressed that the drought has helped his company.

“A lot of people are taking out their lawns and putting in drought-tolerant landscape. Water rates are going up, and people want to save money,” he said. “Seventy-eight percent of the water in California goes to feed the outdoor environment, and the use inside is a pittance,” he said.

Whether or not consumers will keep those priorities when the drought finally subsides is hard to say. But those who are willing to break away from traditional lawns might find themselves better able to cope with the extensive drought.

Actress Claims Collagen Drink the Secret to Healthy Skin

Actress Millie Mackintosh recently debuted a brand new look on Twitter. The former Made in Chelsea star credits collagen drinks for her new, glowing complexion. Mackintosh, 24, admits “an intense workout regime and super lean and green diet” are also largely responsible for recent changes in her physical appearance. Mackintosh’s chosen drink contains collagen as well as “omega 3 and 6, vitamin C, the amino acid l-lysine, and B complex vitamins,” The Daily Mail reports. A monthly supply costs 90 pounds — roughly $170!

“I have seen friends who swear by collagen drinks and supplements and have amazing glowing skin,” beauty expert, Elsa McAlonan, tells The Daily Mail. “But it could be down to a number of factors — for healthy skin you need plenty of sleep, exercise, a good diet, regular facials — plus drink plenty of water — and follow a good skincare regime, of course.” Studies published in journals Skin Pharmacology and Physiology showed daily collagen supplements improved skin elasticity and reduced the appearance of wrinkles by 20%.

How does it work? Collagen is a protein that naturally occurs in the human body. In fact, it accounts for 30% of the protein in our systems. As we age, we lose the ability to naturally produce collagen — and this ultimately results in the formation of loose skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Peptides in collagen drinks and supplements start production back up again, and — as a result — skin looks firmer and, according to some, shinier and livelier.

Fox News admits doctors’ opinions on collagen drinks and supplements, like the one preferred by Mackintosh, are divided. “Collagen supplements are a point of debate among dermatologists and doctors because collagen is a protein that, when it enters your stomach, is largely broken down before ever making it to your skin,” Fox News says. New products contain peptides that are more easily digested, however. This allows them to penetrate deeper into the skin and have a more direct impact on skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Parents of rescued baby defend their choices

Lyra the one year old girl who was rescued from the deep waters has recovered herself from the fever. She was sailing through the water to travel the whole world. On Sunday, the parents of Lyra said in a statement that “we are highly thankful to rescuers for helping us in the crisis and we would like to tell critics that we departed for this journey about a year ago and that is how our family has lived”.

Lyra’s parents said that “after the passage of 2 weeks, Lyra was arrested with fever and rash problems and she was not responding to medications. They further said that when we reached at 900 miles off to Mexico, we lost communication and steering abilities of our boat. Later on, we thought to make a satellite call to U.S Coast Guards to help us and they did their best to save our lives.

Besides, Kaufmans said in a statement issued by USS Vandegrift that “Thanks to everyone for praying for us and Lyra is stable now and she continues to improve her health”. Upon hearing this news, most of the people on social media blatantly criticized the parents for bringing their infant daughters into deep waters.

LyraActually, they were blogging their sailing experience on the internet and it was a kind of adventure for them. The sister of Charlotte Kaufman said that “when the couple told me about the sailing, I thought they had gone nuts”. But, it was in my mind that they are very careful and would try their best to fight with any emerging challenge.

Last but the not least, English the sister of Charlotte said that “They are not new at sailing and they had been practicing it since years. Besides, I am really happy because Lyra is improving her health and everything is normal now.




Keep Those Sunglasses Handy in the Winter

Since Ray Ban first developed the anti-glare lens in 1936 (to protect pilots’ eyes in flight), sunglasses have been in the trenches in the war between ultraviolet (UV) radiation and the health of our eyes. But the war may be expanding to a new front — the winter months.

As parts of the country continue to shovel snow well into March, the health of our eyes may not be foremost on our mind. But fresh, white snow can reflect almost 80% of the UV rays from the sun, which means that in winter (or wintery conditions), the sky is not the only source of danger from damaging radiation.

Ed Greene, CEO of the Vision Council, says, “Cooler temperatures don’t mean that it’s time to put away your UV protection. Shielding the eyes from the sun in winter is just as important as doing it at any other time of year.”

Likewise, your skin should be protected from winter UV rays as well — even though less of your skin might be showing. Experts recommend “layering” a 60 SPF sunscreen: rub one layer in, let it absorb, and then rub another layer on. This will not, unfortunately, result in a 120 SPF concoction, but the multiple layers will provide much better protection than one layer alone.

Also, where you are in the world can affect your UV exposure. For every 1,000 meters over sea level, the UV intensity increases by about 16% in clear skies. This can be particularly helpful for skier and hikers.

And there’s much more than a sunburn at stake. Exposure to UV rays can also accelerate the formation of cataracts and increase your risk of macular degeneration (which is the leading cause of blindness for people over the age of 65). Cataracts can be surgically removed — but macular degeneration simply cannot be reversed.

America under Snow Attack

Quickly after the passage of January and February, March is going to be more dangerous for the people of United States. The situation is alarming and National Weather Service said that 90 million people might be affected from this snow fall. On the other hand, Washington and its surrounding areas have been carpeted with 8 to 12 inches of snow.

The gruesome weather condition can be gauged from the fact that flightaware.com has reportedly cancelled 1,800 flights and delayed 4,400 flights. Inevitably, the conditions at Dallas Fort Worth airport were more dangerous than other airports. It caused too many problems for the travelers and they were seemingly helpless.

It was just a just beginning. The storm combined with more snow is on its way. It has been predicted that the situation on Sunday would be more deadly. People have been advised to not opt for traveling or parking their vehicles in the streets.

Besides, Police has said that in Denver, a series of car accidents took place. The 911 confirmed that 1 person failed to succumb with his injuries and died.  And, the injured victims are fighting with their life. In addition, Carleton College of Minnesota said that three students have been died due to severe car accident.

The National Weather Service has predicted that the temperature of Kansas on Sunday will be the coldest ever recorded. And, it may cause serious troubles for the people who are out of their homes. Government and rescue agencies are trying their best to save the lives of the people and they have requested people not to come out of home unless the weather is not human friendly.

Last but not the least, the situation in South would be more threatening.  Damaging winds have started flowing in the south and they would cause a serious setback to the people living in the region.


Weather Affects Car Sales

The automobile industry has been grossly affected by the weather. And, it is said in a report that the cars selling ratio in the last month had a big effect over the marketplace. On the other hand, Edmunds.com the industry analysts declared “winter” the winner.

Sr. Analyst Jessica Caldwell said that weather lasts grave impacts over the car dealings and assumed that the sales in the coming month may also be affected to some extent. Needless to say that weather had badly affected the marketplace and forced people to stay in their homes. Unless it does not behave friendly, it would keep affecting the pace of progress, says Edmunds.com.

ca sale

On the basis of weather condition, Edmunds.com has predicted the February cars sell at 1,201,445, up 18.9% which would surely be more pathetic from the previous month. The true car President said that “the unfriendly condition of weather is creating more troubles for us”. On the other hand, analyst are not optimist over Truecars and expecting the sale in February 1,197,000 units.

No doubt, the industry is facing a serious setback and the spending on incentives, as per Truecars, will go on hiking. But, March is supposed to be a good month for the car companies. It is assumed that it may help the dealers to recover from this weather loss.Lastly, the Truecars expects SAAR (Seasonally Adjusted Annualized Rate of sales) 15.4 million and Edmunds.com has predicted it 15.5 million.