Testing Time for Putin and Obama relationship

Ukraine crisis has escalated serious words of war between President of Russian and United States. It is for the first time since cold war crisis that both states have tensed relations. Few years ago when Obama met with the then Prime Minister of Russia said that “we believe our relationship is going to be much stronger than before and I do not think that we would agree on most of things”. Besides he said that “our tone should be of mutual respect and consultation as it would serve the citizens of both countries”.

But, three years later when Obama and Putin met for the first time, it was appearing from the body language that both of these leaders will face rocky relationship in few years to come. And, the speculations of foreign policy experts were quite obvious.

It goes without saying, when both leaders were asked for a photo shoot in G20 summit in Los Cabos, Mexico, they displayed enough anguish against each other. Exactly, they were not glancing over each other and displaying enough anger from their behavior.

Besides, White House had already told to media reporters that they should not focus over the body language of these leaders and do not speculate anything bad about them.  On the other hand, in the last G8 summit the same scenario had been observed that was noticed in the G20 summit. Media Gurus noticed that President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin do not like to take photos together.

Apart from this, in the last few days, the relationship between both leaders has remained quite tense. The lengthy phone calls and series of warnings clearly paint the picture of US-Russian relationship. And, the media experts hold the opinion that unless the Ukraine tensions are not plummeted, the relationship between Obama and Putin would remain standstill.


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