Malaysia Airlines Lost contact with plane carrying 239 people for Beijing

Malaysian airport authorities have said that they had lost contact with flight MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The flight went missing in the vast Southeast waters and China has already sent a bunch of vessels to find the aircraft.

The airlines official said in a press conference that we tried to establish contact with the plane for several hours but we did not receive any communication signal. On the other hand, the news of missing flight forced the friends and relatives of passengers to gather at the airport and they were apparently crying for not receiving any official testimony from the airport authorities.

Later, the Chief Executive of Malaysian airlines hmad Jauhari Yahya held a press conference and said that “our teams are working to find the plane and we are also calling the next kin of the passengers”. He further said “we are equally hurt on the sudden disappearance of plane and we extend our prayers to the families of the affected passengers”.


 It is said that the plane was carrying passengers of 13 countries and there were 239 people on board. Among them, the biggest number of passengers come from China as they were on religious tour to Malaysia, says a Chinese news agency.

malaysia-crash-relative-twoTo find the wreckage of the missing plane, more than 40 countries have initiated the investigation process and so far not a single object of the plane has been recovered. Although, the navy of Vietnam said in its recent briefing that “our teams had sighted a floating object that was supposed to be a door of missing plane”.

Besides, speculations of terrorist activities or attempt of hijacking of plane are also being made. The authorities claim that 2 people had used stone passports to get into board and they were also traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

kuala-lumpur-plane-map-revisedLast but not the least, the transport Minister of Malaysia said in his latest press conference that “we have got the footage of those 2 persons who used the stolen passports and we are trying our best to identify them”.

Barack Obama on Ukraine Crisis

The world should support Ukraine as it is moving towards election in May and it is the path of escalation, says President of United States Barack Obama.

In his recent press conference, the President of United States said “we are going to punish Russia for its invasion and we have placed bans over visa process for Crimean region”. He clarified in his press briefing that all the Russian backed people operating in the region would not be able to get US visa for traveling and said that the referendum in the Crimea is against the Ukraine constitution and International Law.

Furthermore, he told to media that “United States is going to sanction a loan of 1$ billion to Ukraine for stabilizing its economy and the recent Russian invasion has united the entire world on this front”. Contrary to this, the lawmakers of Crimea region think to hold a referendum determining the future of the region.

On this move, the President said that “To hold a referendum, it is necessary to have legitimate government in the power and this is not good to take such a big decision during the crisis”. Besides, he has also issued an executive order against the groups and individuals responsible for destabilizing the region.

Apart from this, he said “if the violation of Ukraine territory continues, the results would be United States, Its allies and the world will remain firm”.  Last but not the least, he said that we would continue to help Ukraine for the sake of global security and said that the Ukraine crisis should be resolved through dialogue not through war.

Kerry Says Situation in Ukraine is better than Yesterday

Though Foreign ministers of the world could not make a deal yet John Kerry Secretary of United States says “we would solve the Ukraine issue through dialogue not through fight”.

After holding series of meetings with foreign ministers of United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia, John Kerry told to reporters that “we all have agreed to solve Ukraine issue amicably and through dialogue”.

Besides, John Kerry said that these meetings were more or less “Olive branch- the beginning of period of thaw” and they were undoubtedly constructive. Though, finding a quick solution of this issue is very difficult yet I consider today as better than yesterday.

On the other hand, the foreign minister of France Laurent Fabius said that “It was for the first time that something has moved with good pace and we are optimist for a constructive solution”. Besides, Russian foreign ministry said that “Kerry did not mention in his statements that we had reached over the solution of transition of power in Ukraine”.

Contrary to this, Ukraine officials said that “Russia has sent a big number of troops in the Crimean region and it was absolute violation of international law”. The Ukraine interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said CNN that “I am worried, what would happen if the diplomatic talks fail to reach to any solution”?  He further said, I have directly spoken to Russian Prime minister and put forward two opinions – political and military.

Besides, John Kerry said “It is up to Russia now whether it withdraws forces from the region and calls for international observers to monitor the region or not”. He further adds, the violation of Ukraine territorial integrity has united the whole world on this front and Russia knows the very well. Lastly, it was the first top notch meeting since the beginning of Crimea crisis and states are serious monitoring the Ukraine issue.


Stocks Surge as tensions in Ukraine Plummet

Stocks have got a great momentum after easing the tensions of possible military confrontation between Russian and Ukraine. No doubt, it was the big day for business runners and most of the companies climbed to a big growth.

It is said that “The standard and Poor has surged to 500 points beating its own record of 1,859 points of February 28”.  On the other hand, Dow Jones have secured 228 points and closed at 16,396 points. Nasdaq has also gained some hitting points after this stock surge.

Capital Economists said in a research note that “Fears of military confrontation have started fading and the business is returning back to its track”. No doubt, the fear of Ukraine and Russian war created troublesome situation for the whole world and Japanese yen, Oil, Gold, and treasury prices had fallen to greater extent.

Actually, the sudden surge took place after the forces withdrawal call of Putin. He was well aware that Russia would face serious economic setback however he called his troops not to launch attack in the Crimean region and ordered them to return to their bases immediately.  This was the good news for investors and the normalization of situation brought enough happiness over the faces of marketers.

Robert Sluymer the Capital market analyst said that “the long term U.S equity indexes remains unaffected and short term indexes got a serious setback”. Besides, to ease the financial challenges of Kiev, Secretary of United States John Kerry promised to offer $ 1 billion loan on Tuesday.

Last but not the least, the recent deal of Disney have also helped it to hit the record and closed at $82.17.

Prince George is going to make first public appearance

Since his birth, Baby Prince George will make his first public appearance along with his family while touring for Australia and New Zealand. Exactly, it would be the first public appearance of the infant son of world’s famous couple (William and Kate) and the tour would begin from 7TH April to 25 April.

Kensington Palace said in its press conference that “William and Kate did not want baby George to stay away from them for almost 30 days however they have decided to take him along with them to complete the tour”. The media reports claim that baby George is going to make his appearance on 7th April 2014 at Willington New Zealand and it is assumed that Will and Kate may also take him to attend an event scheduled to be held in Australia.

It is for the first time that both legal heirs of the Queen are going on tour and they had sought special permission from the Queen Elizabeth II. On the other hand, the Australian authorities said that “plenty of places will be named with the name Prince George”.

The couple will visit plenty of heritage sites, ceremonial events, military bases and other famous places of Willington. Lastly, they have also made plans to participate in different adventure activities.


GDP Growth of US Slashed Down in 4th Quarter

The economy of United States is growing with slow pace. The experts hold the opinion that the reason of slow growth is due to the less consumer spending. They claim that the exports of the country have also slowed down causing the GDP to fall at 2.4 percent. But, they hope that, the economy of the country would surely improve its growth in the few months to come.

Prior to this, the GDP of the country was about 4.1 percent in the third quarter and it has sharply down.  On the other hand, Commerce Department said that “the figures are subjected to change as the available figures are not final”.

The weaker consumer spending and consistent downfall in the real estate market, have grossly affected the GDP, says an expert.  The report of Commerce Department claims that “The consumer spending contributing points to GDP has lessened down from 2.26 percentage points to 1.76 percentage points”.


No doubt, the unfriendly weather of United State is also one of the main culprits. It did not only affect the lives of the people but also affected the corporate sector.  But, economists are quite optimist over the pace of GDP growth. They say that “This year will be the strongest year in terms of economic growth”.

Needless to say, Paul Ashworth the chief economist of Capital Economics said that “the economy of our country is slowly and gradually improving and the pace of growth should be considered as bad omen”.

Moreover, the spending of the government has also slowed down to larger extent and there are possibilities that improvement in the exports of the country may help its economy to improve more GDP growth in few months to come.


America under Snow Attack

Quickly after the passage of January and February, March is going to be more dangerous for the people of United States. The situation is alarming and National Weather Service said that 90 million people might be affected from this snow fall. On the other hand, Washington and its surrounding areas have been carpeted with 8 to 12 inches of snow.

The gruesome weather condition can be gauged from the fact that has reportedly cancelled 1,800 flights and delayed 4,400 flights. Inevitably, the conditions at Dallas Fort Worth airport were more dangerous than other airports. It caused too many problems for the travelers and they were seemingly helpless.

It was just a just beginning. The storm combined with more snow is on its way. It has been predicted that the situation on Sunday would be more deadly. People have been advised to not opt for traveling or parking their vehicles in the streets.

Besides, Police has said that in Denver, a series of car accidents took place. The 911 confirmed that 1 person failed to succumb with his injuries and died.  And, the injured victims are fighting with their life. In addition, Carleton College of Minnesota said that three students have been died due to severe car accident.

The National Weather Service has predicted that the temperature of Kansas on Sunday will be the coldest ever recorded. And, it may cause serious troubles for the people who are out of their homes. Government and rescue agencies are trying their best to save the lives of the people and they have requested people not to come out of home unless the weather is not human friendly.

Last but not the least, the situation in South would be more threatening.  Damaging winds have started flowing in the south and they would cause a serious setback to the people living in the region.


Dozens of Nigerians Killed by Inaccurate Aerial Attack

The fight against Islamists militants have led to many civilians of Nigeria to death. Recently, a military aircraft hovered over the village Daglun and mistakenly dropped series of 5 bombs that killed a big number of villagers. The senator of the region Ali Ndume said that a military aircraft was launching air strike against the Boko Haram extremist group in the Sambisa Forest but the aircraft mistakenly fired a series of bombs over the Daglun village.

Ndume confirmed that 5 people have been killed by this inaccurate attack and a big number of people left their burnt home to save their life. He said, the bombardment destroyed the whole infrastructure of the village and put the life of the downtrodden in the danger.

Besides, one of the 25 wounded villagers said that “when the military aircraft started hovering over us, the whole village was sleeping but within the short span of time it started dropping a series of bombs over us”. He further adds, the bombardment killed more than 20 people and most of the deceased were elderly men who could not be able to run out of their burnt home.

On the other hand, the Nigerian military denied the allegations and said that it had not killed any civilian in the strike.  This aerial strike has sparked violence across the Daglun region and Boko Haram extremist group has reacted with violence and mutiny of civilians.

The authorities are not clear how many people have been killed in this attack and what was the reason of inaccurate airstrike but the tensions in the vicinity of Daglun and Mainok are inviting more troubles for the civilians


Russia Occupies Ukraine

Finally, Russia has occupied the Crimean region and deployed a big number of military men to monitor and control the crisis. But, it has not been made public that what military strength have Putin deployed in the region. The president of Russia Vladimir Putin dismissed all the warnings leveled from world leaders and escalated serious crisis in the whole region.

On the contrary, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev discharged the allegations and said that “Moscow has not decided yet when to deploy forces”. In addition, the Russian upper house (parliament) has approved the request of Putin for deployment of forces in the Ukraine and gave the green signal for military force to fullest extent.
Putin had informed the parliament that Russian people living in the Crimea region were being inhumanly treated and Russia should forward to protest the rights of its citizen. On the other hand, the Ukraine leaders denied the Russia blame of mistreating its people and said that it was being pampered to launch onslaught over the territory of Ukraine.

The invasion of Russia escalated more problems in the world politics. President Obama made a call to Russian president and spoke with him more than 90 minutes to know the gravity of the tension. It is said that Putin had categorically said to President Obama that it was Russian right to safeguard the rights of its citizen living in the Crimean region.

On the other hand, according to White House press release, President Obama said that “Russia’s continuous violation of territorial integrity and Ukraine Sovereignty would grossly affect its image at world level”. Besides, after the message of Obama to Russia, all the senior members of Army and senate asked for the prompt reply to the Russian move and said that Russian must be informed that what repercussions it will face for violating the sovereignty of Ukraine.